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Thread: Foam

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    Try coating the foam with thinned fleximent before tying your Stealth Bomber. I remember reading that this may work somewhere several years ago.

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    I like the olive loco foam. It is olive on one side and black on the other. If I am tying a black beetle I put the black side down. I put the olive side down for Japanese beetles. It is 2 mm and ties easy. However, I am not in any way disagreeing with that fuzzy sucker of a flyman. He has forgotten more about tying flies than I will ever know. I am partial to fishing beetles during the summer, though.

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    5X is the major consumer of Zap-a-Gap in the US
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    Have you tried Razor foam? It works pretty well for the purpose you are looking for. I also use craft foam when I can't get razor foam in the color I want, but I cut it thinner. I have found when I tried to wrap a thicker piece for a body I was pulling too hard trying not make the body too fat and I did the same thing, broke it off. When I went to the thinner pieces I wasn't pulling as hard trying to compress it and not make the body too fat, it doesn't seem to break as often with that method. I also lay some brushable super glue under the foam.

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