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Thread: Brief Clinch Report from Sunday 6.12

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    Default Brief Clinch Report from Sunday 6.12

    A buddy and I made it out to the river on Sunday. I was in the water by 6:45 AM, trying to beat the heat and he got there around 7:00. By 8:30, there were quite a few other people joining in with us as well.

    The rain the night before as well as the generation schedule resulted in a very heavy fog over the river that lasted till about 10:30.

    Due to the heavy fog and surprising cloud cover, the sulfurs did not start coming off till 11:00 or so. Because of this, the morning was slow with only the occasional fish. So, I spent quite a bit of time taking pictures, watching the ospreys, eating snacks, and enjoying the scenery.

    Once they started coming off the fish started taking emergers, and I began to target specific rising fish. I had fished all morning long with a FBPT and zebra midge tandem beneath an indicator. However, once they started rising I switched over to a dry and FBPT dropper. I had really good success targeting individual rising fish, with all coming on the FBPT. I did manage to catch my best Clinch bow of the year so far. I estimated this guy at 19", but measured him out against my net to check when I got home. However, my net must have shrunk during the drive back, because it was only 18". Regardless, he was a nice specimen who fought really hard.

    Unfortunately, the sulfur hatch seemed to stop almost as quickly as it began. Only seemed to last until 12:30. I met a fellow board member BigJim there, and we were talking about how unusual of a day it was. I mentioned that I thought the hatch was probably wrapping up for the year, but he stated that just a couple days before there was a heavy hatch that resulted in excellent bent rod action. Who knows. It was nice to get out, and while the quantity was not as great as previous trips, the quality was above average. I attribute that to the cloud cover, something that usually always aids me in catching quality fish on the tailwaters.

    By the way it was nice meeting you Jim.

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    Thanks for the report. Congrats on the nice bow.. Very nice pics as well!

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    Default Nice meeting you too!


    It was also nice meeting you. Beautiful pictures of that section of the River. Enjoyed talking with you hope to see you again soon. In Boston this week looking forward to fishing this weekend.

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    Beautiful pics. Those colors are amazing


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