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Thread: Favorite Beetle and Ant Patterns

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    Default Favorite Beetle and Ant Patterns

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite beetle and ant patterns were? I particularly am interested in patterns that are easy to see in shady areas.

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    You may want to consider expanding your list to include cricket patterns. They arrive in spring, stay around a long time and represent a good meal to a trout. I use to fish a cricket pattern tied like Dave's Hopper except all in black. Foam would be my choice these days. Silvercreek
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    For ants I like to tie a simple thread body ant with a little black flashabou for legs, then fish it as a dropper under a dry. I've caught much more this way than trying to fish a floating ant. (unless you hit a swarm of flying ants).

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    I think that ants are so important in a trout's diet this time of year that I carry a small box with 5 or 6 different ant patterns. I probably catch more fish on the ones I fish below the surface, like a hard bodied ant, or a simple dubbed body with a single wrap of hackle. Some easy ones to see though are quick site ants, Chernobyl ants, and dubbed body parachute ants. A winged flying ant imitation can be useful at times also.

    I carry mostly simple foam beetle patterns. Like AK Best Winged Beetle, and a black or brown foam beetle with a small piece of foam or tuff of yarn for an indicator. I also catch quite a few fish on a peacock bodied Japanese beetle with a 2 color raffia shell.
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