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Thread: i found i need a 10wt

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    Default i found i need a 10wt

    at an unsaid dam earlier this week we found the mother load of rock fish...only fished for 2 hours (7AM -9AM) and just crushed them.

    caught them on top water (pop-r's and super spooks) and a few swim baits and had a blast...biggest fresh water fish i have ever caught.

    they were working in schools pushing sad against the wing walls and the carnage would last 2-3 min before stopping. didn't seem to matter what you threw their way cause they were eating anything.

    the largest we caught were over 25lbs, didnt take pictures of all of them since we were too busy nettin them. at one point we had a tripple on with 3 people on the boat and broke the net

    there is a reason they dont call it "catching"

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    An 8wt will be just fine for those size and with no water running. Just make sure you have plenty of backing as they can really scorch off some line.

    Good luck and Seagull or Flat Fly'n are the two on here who wrote the book on stripers below the dams in this area. Ask them for advice on flies etc etc.

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    So did you hear the theme from Jaws when you were catching em?

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    Great fish but boy do they have a funny hair cut.

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    Very nice! Looks like a blast.

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