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Thread: Redfish in the Rain!

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    Default Redfish in the Rain!

    We had a good predicted tide yesterday evening, but we also ended up with a downpour, and worse, alot of lightning. I was planning on taking my friend Nick out on his first outing with a fly rod looking for tailing reds on the flat. He looked at the rain and gusting wind with the lightning everywhere and said "I am not fishing in that". We looked at the weather radar, and it looked to me like all of the red stuff should have moved off of our location in the next hour or so. The wind died down, and the rain went from a torrent to just a steady rain. The lightning did not go away, but it did decrease and get a little farther away.

    We got onto the flat about 715pm. It was still raining steady and right away saw fish. I cast to the first fish several times with no luck getting the fish to see the fly. He disappeared into deeper water before I could get him to see the fly. That is when I decided to finally pay attention and saw that the water was a muddy brown about that discolored water after a major downpour. On the next fish, now that I had stopped being a knucklehead and started paying attention, I put the fly on his head and he hammered it. It was a nice 20 inch fish.

    In the meantime my friend Nick was casting to fish, but couldn't quite get the fly on top of the fish. I saw another big tail, worked my way over and put it on his head. He nailed it, and I fought him for several minutes when I thought he spit the fly. I get my line in and it has some grass on the fly. I went to clean the grass off, and there was no fly. He must have dragged me across an oyster shell because the line got slack just like when a fish spits a fly, and the line was cut clean. I saw another fish about 70 yards away, so I tied another fly on and worked my way over. It took several casts because the fish was rooting hard and changing directions rapidly, but I finally dropped on his nose and he nialed it. This was a bigger fish. I had to tighten my drag about three times, and finally got the fish in. It was a solid 28inch fish.

    My friend didn't manage to catch one, but was able to cast to two or three other fish. This was his first time fishing for redfish with a fly, and his first time on a flat. All told we had to have seen about a dozen fish, and they were tailing pretty good.

    We got off of the flat about 815 or so as the lightning started getting closer again, and as the tide had turned and we were not seeing as many fish. What was some poor weather ended up being a really good fishing day!

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    Man I gotta get out your way. Great report.

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