Howdy! I am new to the board and somewhat new to the sport. I just moved back to East Tennessee after being away for almost 20 years. As far as fishing some of fondest memories was going fishing with father as a child. My dad loved to fish, in fact he went fishing the day before he passed away. It also brought me closer to my father in law who was a big fly fisherman. Once his health got to the point where he could not go fishing he started making fly rods. So over my desk are3 bamboo fly rods the he made for my wife, son and myself. I also have a great 6 ft 3 wt bamboo rod tht was made by Mike Brooks. It is a work of art.
So here is the problem, even though my father took me fishing all the time as a child when it came to fishing he was not a good fisherman. From what I have been told my father in law was a good fly fisherman in his younger days but his health did not allow him to do much fishing or teaching in the years I was around him.
So at 44 years old I am passing the love of fishing to my son. In fact he caught his first trout at the Holt Park in Gatlinburg yesterday. He loved it. But with that said I love to read the board here to help me learn how to do better at this sport that I enjoy.