I hate to do it but I am looking at selling my driftboat.

It's a 1999 Hyde Pro Guide it's more of a highside boat.
Storage under the front, along with a bench storage seat seat in the front
Bench storage box where the rower sits, the rowers seat is the belt webbing style. Rear leg lock, with ped seat. Side anchor system not in the floor. I have a 15lb anchor that will go, Sawyer Carbon fiber oars, Hyde Trailor. I have 3 life jackets as well.

The bottom was just redone, and it was done right. There are a couple of memembers on here that can tell ya it was done right.

Asking 4850

E-mail me at clinchriverflyfishing@gmail.com
Or call me at 865-680-7982 if you have any questions.