I fished Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The water came in really slow and low on Saturday. I saw one fish that was out in the high grass and did not have a shot.

On Sunday I fished another flat, and the water seemed to come in alot better, and I saw more fish. It was windy, and spotting them was tough. The first fish I saw was moving away from me rapidly, and with the wind direction was tough. I still should have managed to get him to eat, but after chasing him for about 100 yards trying to get a good shot he disappeared. I saw another pushing nervous water go by, but did not have a shot. Saw antother rapidly approaching bit of nervous water. The chop was so bad it was tough to follow. I managed to get a cast in front of this fish, and he did not see the fly. I made one more cast and a gust of wind took my fly and put it about 6 inches in front of him.......he didn't spook but immediately hit the fly and I could not get the slack out before he spit it. It was a very nice fish.

I saw another tailing in about 3 foot of water. I should say that I saw about 1.5 inches of tail once, then about 1/2 inch about 5 yards away. I ended up casting to the disturbance the fish was making tailing without his tail breaking the top of the water. He hammered my crab fly and ended up breaking me off.

I had one more chance at a fish, and managed to get it to eat, and get it to hand. He was right at 18 inches.