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Thread: 27.5" Dead Brown Trout: Clinch River

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    Default 27.5" Dead Brown Trout: Clinch River

    I found this guy dead on some shoals this morning. He measured out to 27.5" and had some weight to him. It looked like he died of old age. I sure wish I would have landed him on a fly rod.

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    He didn't have any talon marks on him anywhere did he?

    Last summer I found a large brown, measured at 23", floundering around with talon marks in his head. Seemed a little large for an osprey to target, but was the most likely candidate.

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    Man, hate to see that. That's a really nice fish, hopefully someone had the privilege of having him on the end of a line.

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    That fish isn't even close to being old aged. Still pretty young.

    With that said, who knows why they die, sometimes things just die. Could be poor handling, diseases, ate something, or a million other things.

    A brown that size is probably only 5 or 6 years old, and with as many fish that dwarf him, it is unlikely old age was the culprit.

    Shame no matter, and a nice one.

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    Hope he made lotsa baby browns in his career!

    Did you do any post-mortem on him or save him for the biologists?

    Up in Maine the biologist's do "fin clipping" on fish they release in certain waters.... usually the vent fins and adipose. This way they can mark fish for the year they were released. First the adipose, next the left vent, then the right vent, then both vents then back to the adipose. It makes age determination & growth rates easier to determine.

    For years many of us kept written records of "clips" and lengths and the data collected let us know how fast these fish grew. It also helped to determine how old hey got and the relative percentage of fish caught by year class to some extent. Useful data

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    Did you check him for #8 bait hook poisoning? A hook into the mediastinum is typically the culprit, i.e. heart or major vessels. Maybe played too long, or wonder about the DO in that section of the river. Close to the dam or further down?
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