Hello, all. It took me a while to figure out how to start a new thread (duh! - little button that says "new thread"). Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Mike Arnold, 66 (tonight at midnight), flyfishing for 30+ years, founded Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers in 1987, am just now stepping back from helping to run NKFF ... need a rest. Helped Fred Stevenson get FFF South Eastern Council started in 1991, still working for them - currently VP-Communications (web-site and Watermark Newsletter). Love flyfishing (especially for muskie), my wife, my 9-year old daughter and my Mother-In-Law ... not necessarily in that order. Don't get to fish enough ... never been so busy since I retired in 2002. I build fly-rods, wooden nets, flies, rod-cases (of pvc and of aromatic cedar). I also teach others how to do all those things too. Learned from an old-timer from Buckeye United Fly Fishers in 1979 and he taught that I would get back ten times whatever I gave to this sport. Red was so right about that. Flyfishing is filled with good people, beautiful places and fish, and adventures beyond my wildest dreams. I thank Red every day for that. Over the years I've done trout and salmon, lost of warmwater sport fish (including bass, bream, catfish, carp, drum, walleye and gar) and lots of saltwater species on Florida's west coast. Nice to meet you all ... hope I can be of some help to others. And I promise I'll sign on more often.