I bought a Heddon rod that Stan Smart had done some work on almost two years ago, and I finally took it fishing. It is a 9' 3-piece 7 wt, but Stan made an extra handle so that you can fish with the mid and tip sections as a 6 wt.

I fished it as a 6 wt up in the Smokies below the Chimneys picnic area last weekend. The water was up, so dry fly fishing wasn't the best, but I stuck with it. I really loved the way it casted, and when I finally got a bite (on a foam beetle) it set great, and I landed a 13" rainbow.

I can't say that I will not pick up my graphites ever again, but I will definitely get the 'boo out a lot more. Now I just need to get a reel set up with a 7 wt line, so I can fish the full rod.

Does anyone do any streamer fishing with bamboo? Any advice on fishing this would be appreciated. And before you ask, yes, I rubbed it down with Johnson's Wax after it had a chance to dry.