I am looking for a 2-person backpacking tent for my son and I to use. He is 3-yrs old and I hope to get him into the backcountry early next year. I have found a great deal on a new 2011 model Kelty Grand Mesa 2. Footprint seems to be on par with the competition, and the weight is lighter than some of the higher priced models @ 4.0 lbs (min weight) & 4.6 lbs (packed weight). The only down side that I can see is that it only has a single vestibule, and it is pretty small at that. However, with a young child I don't expect it to be very cramped inside, so we could use some of that space instead of the vestibule.

Just curious if anybody on here has and feedback for me before committing to purchase it. By the way, I have an opportunity to buy it for 50% off, but only until Tuesday. So, it sounds to me like for $79 it is the way to go.