I would normally sift through old threads for this type of question but I am at work at can't spend time doing so.

Me and a friend have decided, last minute, to go up to the S. Holston tomorrow morning. This is our first time going. I was hoping to find someone that could list all the public access points between the dam and bluff city as well a rough estimate on drain down times for these points. If you could provide road names or place names instead of landmarks that would be great because I am not familiar with the area.

The generators come on at noon tomorrow, so our initial plan is to get up there around 8 or 9am and fish up close to the fly shop first and keep moving down the river throughout the day to try and stay ahead of the generators.

Basically, I'm just trying to find out where we can fish without having to worry about being on anyone's private property. We would also like to fish as long as possible, is bluff city the furthest you can go down and still expect good trout fishing? Thanks!