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Thread: Fly patterns help sought

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    Default Fly patterns help sought

    I am seeking input from everyone on the forum who has knowledge they would like to share regarding old time fly patterns used in the Smokies. Accurate origins of lots of the older regional patterns are murky at best.
    I am keen to learn what you know or have heard about the Yallarhammar, Tellico and Near Nuff as well odd ball flies the old timers used like the Montreal and Professor. I am also interested in hearing from anyone with information on the local use of Peck’s Floating Trout Midgets series which included his Royal Coachman, Yellow Sally, Brown Hackle and Stone Midget along with at least 20 other trout flies.
    We’ve already lost access to first hand information from the real old timers, but snippets and bits and pieces of information remain. I am convinced that there is a lot of GSMNP fly lore among many of you which if left unknown will be lost in a matter of a few short years. If you want to email me or call, the contact info is and 205-665-2658.
    Don Kirk

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    Don, here is a great article from the March 2004 American Angler.
    Written by Walter Babb.

    Jim Casada is also a great reference point on some of the older flies.
    I'd also reccomend sitting in on one of Hugh Hartsell's tying demonstrations this winter, as he also has a wealth of knowledge on these old flies.

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    Very interesting!

    Where might one find an original copy of this magazine with the article? Would like to add this to the trout fishing library...

    Tight Lines,

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    You might want to look at this site for some mor recipes.

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