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Thread: last day fishing tn and the caney

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    Default last day fishing tn and the caney

    well guys sunday was my last day to fish here in tn... so here is my last tn fishing report... i hope i have helped some and given sound advice with my post as others have helped me.....i met my friend bill over on the caney and we fished the carthage area in the morning bill landed 1 small rainbow and a pan fish .. i landed 1 bluegill not a good start ,,, we decided to head to the dam and just fish below the dam to avoid the all the canoers and started slow with several small skip jacks and a couple small trout ...then i hooked into a nice rainbow he measured out at 16 and 1/2 inches thick and healthy... bill procceded to get a 15 and a 15 and a 1/2 and lost 2 other fish about the same size they tore off before we could get a net on them..bill also caught a nice 12 or so inch brown the day ended with a few nice fish and a great last memory of the years i spent fishing the caney ... i will miss my days of fishing with bill.... we met on the river 3 yrs ago and he also introduced me to wayne and the 3 of us have fished and been friends ever since... the river is a great place to make new friends a have lasting memories of fishing and friendships...i wish all you the best of luck and enjoyment in your continuing fishing endevors...
    dan (fishingman62)
    i fish because the voices in my head tell me to

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    great report! Be sure to post from time to time on the fly fishing in other states board to let us know how the fishing is up where you are! Best of luck

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    Please post from your new location. Like to hear about fishing from everywhere

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    Smile Remember

    Mr. 62 just a reminder to make sure you have or get a 7wt. and get after the steelies in a few weeks.

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