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Thread: I feel like I have died and gone to heaven (Long)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBB View Post
    Also, it sounds like that stream is really receiving some pressure. I never knew that many would fish it in a weekend.
    I was thinking the same thing... and I almost went up there as well but just didn't have enough time to get over to the NC side. Now I am kind of glad I didn't as I had the streams that I fished all to myself. Only saw one other guy the whole weekend.

    Tight Lines,

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    Mac _ I hope we all get that feeling in a few more weeks

    MBB - I think it had high pressure that weekend. Although with all that water there is plenty for at least 8 fisherman to all have fresh water between Raven Fork & Enloe. My buddy Sean says he has the site to himself most of the time he stays there.

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    Great report. I enjoyed the telling and it made me wish for a trip to the mountains.

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