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Thread: New Orleans Fly Fishing Trade...SLOW....

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    Default New Orleans Fly Fishing Trade...SLOW....

    We made a quickie trip to the fly fishing trade show in New Orleans Thursday. It was the smallest trade show I have ever attended. It looks like the rods grew well this season. Fancy reels may be a little fancier, but a pumpkin is but a pumpkin.
    There seems to be ever increasing interest in southeastern fly fishing, especially in salt. From the samples I examined the African and south Asia fly tyers appear to be becoming more skilled. How would you know if a #22 midgeadoodle was tied with leopard or black buck fur? As best I could tell the tribal sweat fly shops have yet to offer a decent Yallarhammar knock-off.

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    I'm not surprised, although it's still sad to hear. The continued decline of our economy is going to have it's effects on everyone and every company - sooner or later. It's proof of how much everything is intertwined these days. Only the very best at what they do will survive what we're facing right now, if anyone survives. Soon, fishing may be a way to survive and not just a way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. - - The Internet's Only "Fishertainment" Website

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    Speaking of overseas, I read an interesting article recently. My mother was in the hospital two weeks ago. I read an article in a 2008 issue of a golf magazine. There was an inquiry about lady caddies in the People's Republic of China. The reply was that the lady caddies made 100 dollars (US) a month, which was much more that they would make in a factory. Now.....what do factory workers make per month? No wonder most of our stuff is made in SE Asia. Recently, I looked at several labels in our local Kohl's store. All were pacific Rim countries!

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    We need to get everyone back to work. Most people that are out of jobs don't have money to spend on fishing equipment or fishing trips. Junk foreign flies have almost killed the commercial fly tying business in the US. I can't blame people for buying 79 cent flies, but I wish they would occasionally buy some from a local tier, or at least a US tier.
    "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
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    I think that many of us do help out. I know that I always go to a local fly shop, wherever I may be fishing and at least by 1/2 dozen flies or so. I even by flies at bay street outfitters in Beaufort, and I have tied flies for them. I try and support local fly shops at every chance I get. Sometimes I have to get some of the big ticket items online, or where I can get a break, but whenever possible I try to support the local shops.

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