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Thread: Fishing like fall?

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    Default Fishing like fall?

    Fished the NC side Saturday and it was my best day fishing since the spring! Fished a main stream I usually pass by for the tributaries as I was thinking that maybe I could get a larger brown trout to come. I got there early and hit a couple of big holes looking for mr. brown. Started catching a lot of fish to my surprise, as I figured the low and clear water would continue to produce light hits. There were definitely some "sips" and missed fish, but there were some harder strikes than the last few weeks. I ended up catching around 30 and missed a few and lost a few. Caught everything on a yellow elk hair caddis and a tan elk hair with red/ginger hackle.

    The water felt a little cooler but it was still really clear. Kept the 6X tippet on and it seemed to work just fine. Got all three species for the slam and the two brookies I caught looked like the fall colors were starting to come out as they were brighter than the ones I caught a few weeks ago for sure. If fall is coming early, you won't hear me complain!

    Full post and lots of pics on my blog:

    I tried linking pics to a Flickr account on my last post, but it didn't seem to work. oh well!

    Tight Lines!

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    Nice to see the fish are still active. I did pretty decent on the TN side a few weeks ago. I like hitting the NC side once it cools off since browns are more prevalent and generally there is less pressure on that side of the mountain.


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