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Thread: Where does the water come from???

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    When my son asks me where the water all comes from I just tell him God. I find the simplest answer is usually the correct one lol. Hopefully the lord will send down some rain in the next week or so cause all those aquifers of his are getting dry now again.

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    25 years or so ago while on an appalachian trail hike in Georgia I visited the Chattahoochee spring, reportedly the source for the Chattahoochee River. At this time (spring) it was barely discernible, mostly bog, mushy ground and wet leaves. i realize that its flow is joined by many feeders to form the river. Yet to stand there and remember how the river appears around Atlanta and further south was awe-inspiring................ Unforgetable!


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    Crocket, that was going to be my basic answer! Over the years, I found it to be the most logical.

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