Left out August 10th with a close friend of mine for 2 weeks of sight seeing and road fishing. We had a blast, was Tom's first time up and he was amazed how big the place is. The fishing didn't pan out as well as I had hoped due to the streams being blown out from all the rain, but we still caught plenty! Was my first time on the Russian and we could have spent a week there alone, that place is amazing! We caught our limit of "chromers" every time out, but you can't hardly keep the "tomatoes" off to fish...... what a problem to have. Glad I decided on taking a 9wt, it sure helped in the crowded sections. Well, here are some pics.

Tom with a Humpy from Willow Creek

The Russian...... fish on!

Me with a "Tomato"

Nice brown that visited us

The Silvers weren't in like I had hoped, but we did manage to catch some fresh ones on a trip out of Seward. When we got into them, it was fast and furious! Silvers in the air, in the boat, lines tangled, it was nuts. Finished that day up with limits of silvers, halibut, rockfish, and lingcod.

I'll try and post some pics. of the trip over on the "Photo" section of the board.