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Thread: Few Alaska pics.

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    Default Few Alaska pics.

    Thought I would share some more pics. from our trip. Enjoy!

    Portage Glacier iceberg

    One of the Grayling streams we fished along the Denali Hwy., caught tons as they would hit anything you threw at them. Had to take off my "Thingamabobber" they liked it alot.

    Few mtn. pics

    Nice bull in Delta Junction


    Russian Reds

    "Go pet him Tom"

    My first Dolly


    Our days catch out of Seward

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    Beautiful pics. I hope to make it there some day.

    One question...How do you fish a stream that is not boulder strewn and completely choked with overhanging rhododendron and other various overhead obstacles?
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    very nice photos. man the envy I have for you on this adventure. My wifes uncle lived in sitka and past away last christmas. we never got to make it up there but through your photos I can see why he chose such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing
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    ifish...... never thought about that part of it, lol. I did learn why they call it "Chuc-n-Duc" though.........

    flyred......... one thing I've learned in life is, the second hand on a clock never stops ticking. You guys need to make the plans and go!

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    Thanks for sharing. My son got a video about bears in Alaska. Interesting, to say the least. I asked my wife a few years ago while watching a hunting show in AK. "Why didn't we move there when we got married?" (That was 39 years ago, if you are wondering.)

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