I had a good weekend fishing the grass at high tides for reds. It started off well early in the week, catching 3 reds Wednesday after work. I was not able to fish on Thursday, and Friday the weather was bad due to the storm.

On Saturday evening I fished, and had some challenges early, having a several fish miss the fly....I ended up changing to a darker pattern, and ended up catching 1.

I figured out later what the real problem was. The fly that I thought the fish were missing, had the hook broken off almost at the bend. You would have thought that I would have noticed, but when you strip set and get nothing and the fly is on still......

Anyway Sunday morning was a better day and I ended up catching 4 fish.

Fish 1

Fish 2

Fish 3

Fish 4

The nice thing about Sunday was that there were two fishable high tides. The evening High was a little late, not getting high until around 9:15pm where I was. I went out and fished the incomming till dark and managed 1 fish.

I caught the fish on my blue crab pattern, or my MCG crab pattern.