I only fish in the Park and when I do there is usually a good bit of hiking involved...I have for the last 7-8 years used the stealth rubber wading shoes from that big store in the NE....they are great...this past Father's Day my son and I were going to hike in for several days of back country fishing...decided to try some of the new Chota rubber lug soles based upon their ad and the look of the soles since we were going to hike in in our wading boots...I have fished the Park for 50 years in everything from Chuck Taylor All Stars to army surplus combat boots...in three days of fishing in the Chotas I took 3-4 of the worse falls ever...still have the sore ribs to prove it 2 1/2 months later...got back to our campsite and changed over to the stealth waders and felt like spider man...I was fishing without the screw in spikes but can't imagine it would have been much of an improvement...should have been suspicious when I couldn't find any reviews on this shoe.