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Thread: Felt vs. Sticky rubber/studded wading boots

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    I only fish in the Park and when I do there is usually a good bit of hiking involved...I have for the last 7-8 years used the stealth rubber wading shoes from that big store in the NE....they are great...this past Father's Day my son and I were going to hike in for several days of back country fishing...decided to try some of the new Chota rubber lug soles based upon their ad and the look of the soles since we were going to hike in in our wading boots...I have fished the Park for 50 years in everything from Chuck Taylor All Stars to army surplus combat three days of fishing in the Chotas I took 3-4 of the worse falls ever...still have the sore ribs to prove it 2 1/2 months back to our campsite and changed over to the stealth waders and felt like spider man...I was fishing without the screw in spikes but can't imagine it would have been much of an improvement...should have been suspicious when I couldn't find any reviews on this shoe.

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    If you plan on fishing other states you may wish to consider the rubber soles. Whether we like it or not it seems many states are looking at or in the process of banning felt. These include Alaska, Maryland, Vermont and Montana to name a few. I have and use both. Actually I prefer the rubber sole w/studs for our local Steelhead waters and the Tenn waters I fish. As it has been pointed out the rubber soles w/studs are not friendly to drift boats or rafts. Neither is felt w/studs.

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    Purchased a pair of Korkers Chromes for this past Alaska trip, figured felt for wading and then switch to rubber if in a drift boat. Tried out the rubber soles the first day wading the Russian and slipped around on them all day. Plus, the new Boa systems have a small piece of tubing that the wire laces run through in each turn. These small pieces of tubing kept working their way up and out of place, had to push several back in place every time I put the boots on. Granted I never retightend while fishing, that might have solved the problem with the tubing sliding out. Was going to leave the boots up there for next trip, but the felt ban will more than likely be in place. G4s with the Aluma bite studs next time I go up, I know the studs wear out quick but I also know how well rocks stop an aluminum john boat, just makes since. As far as the Smokies, felt all the way for me.

    Nobody has mentioned the Patagonia waders yet, I too would like to hear some feedback on them. They sound like a nice wader.

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