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    High tide was near enough to my lunch yesterday that I thought I would have a chance to do a little fishing. I ended up getting to a flat late...yesterday was a big tide and I knew that once the water came in it would get too deep in a hurry. The water was already too deep when I got there, but beggars cannot be choosers and I waded out anyway. I had a Battalion Commander tell me once that "It's better to be lucky than good!" and I have found that to be too true. It definitely worked for me yesterday.

    As I was wading out, the water was already well over my knees and I did not see any sign of redfish activity. Luckily the sun was behind me, and the water was pretty clear. I just happened to look out to my front before turning around and heading off the flat and caught some movement under the water. Just as I saw the copper outline, the fish started swimming away from me. From the momment I saw the fish I had about 15 seconds to make a cast before the fish was out of my reach. Wouldn't you know it the fish is moving straight away from me. I took a chance and made one cast, putting my fly about 14 inches in front of the fish and about 4 inchest to the left....I didn't move the fly because moving it would have pulled it into the fish almost guaranteeing a spooked fish. I just let it fall, and that fish turned and hammered it. I landed what ended up being a 23" red. I would like to be able to say that my casting skills are just that good, but it really boils down to some great luck. The fish was located in a place that the sun and fish's position allowed me to see the fish under the water (his movement did not disturb the surface of the water at all!), I happened to be looking in the direction of the fish when it moved, and I was able to id the fish, and make a quick cast that landed perfectly in less than 15 seconds from seeing the movement of the fish to having the fish on. It is better to be lucky than good, you can always get better.

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    Cool Seriously!!!!!!?????

    You are one multitasking fiend....
    -On lunch hour
    -Wading High Water
    -casting, catching, retrieving
    ALL while taking well composed, good quality photos of the whole sequence.....
    Jeeze, Bear Grylls has a crew and couldn't manage that....

    Don't mind me!!! I'm just insanely jealous.
    Thanks for sharing!
    How about some reverse angles next time? hehe!

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