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I fish as much as I can, work hard at it, both me and my fishing pal. We're as serious about it as most. We have fished here, out west and in between. We fish with serious fisher persons who are serious about the sport. We regularly fish the most technical tail waters in this area and we catch fish.

I fish the Clinch, love to fish it early spring, have had great days, with strong fish, not quantities but quality. We have found that when the water is skinny is fishing is tough. We only see hatches for about 4 weeks. We don't regularly catch the quantities the above posts and my first thought is to call b.s.
I will admit it, I maybe average at best when it comes to fly fishing but I don't read many reports of regular catches of 20-25 fish. If you can produce these catches, I'd be grateful to carry the net and learn. I ain't too proud, I'll carry your net.
I read this post this morning, and laughed when I read it to be honest. I am just now getting around to posting a humble yet blunt response.

There are more then a few of the posters in this very thread who routinely catch 30+ fish in a half day on the Clinch, including myself. How do I know this? I have fished with, near, and around them for over 20 years. Granted that makes me sound old but at 36 I am far from old despite the pains I feel each morning, and the trouble I had tying a fly on this morning for some unknown freaking reason.

Screen-name "Oldschool" in his prime would embarrass everyone on this forum, period. When I was a younger pup and was even more arrogant, I can remember heading to the river with him, and thinking I got this cat. Little did I know I was about to be subjected to a thorough scorching at the hands of a man who caries days worth of gear in one shirt pocket. I bet age has taken a toll on him, and he has trouble even walking to the river now

Flat Fly N' has long been one of the "ninja's" of the Clinch. I will atest to his use of flies which most have never seen, and certainly never considered using, and he uses them with deadly results. His specialty for years was above the weir at low water, which can easily humble even the best tailwater folks.

Same things can be said for psnapp, fourx, and chem, they have all been around and know how to negotiate the river. No offense to other older Clinch folks who I left out.

Calling me BS on me or any of the other long time Clinch fisherman, is quite simply.....foolish.

Personally I grew up riding my bike from my house in Norris to the river almost every afternoon when the weather was decent. I skipped school most spring afternoons to fish, rather then pursue what could have been a pretty decent baseball career. I know every square inch of ledge, cut, riffle, trough, depression, etc etc in the river, from the dam to 61 bridge. I know almost to the minute when the water will hit any given area on the river, and am extremely aware of what water flows/levels offer the most ideal fishing conditions. In other words, I generally know when a fish is going to eat my fly before they even know they are about to eat it. I would say the same for many of the others who frequent this forum.

Add to that a healthy dose of travel to locales all across this country as well as foreign destinations, and I have a pretty good resume when it comes to catching fish on a fly/.

So yes, the above is probably sounding arrogant and is, but at the same time calling BS on something/someone you know nothing about is incredibly arrogant or misinformed (pick your poison) and I would caution you from this thought process. Most likely one of us you are calling BS on might be the person you bump into who passes on a shred of our knowledge which might help you be more successful.

I am sure 20-25 fish sounds like BS to you, but I was being a little humble for once. Generally it is probably more like 35-40 or more depending on the day. But it isn't about the numbers, I just used the numbers to try and illustrate a point.

My final point in this nightmarishly arrogant response, is that if myself or some of the others mention tough fishing. You might want to listen, and pay attention, as those words don't happen often, and you might learn something if you chose to heed the words of those with decades of experience.