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Cockeye tried to carry my net once while fishing with me but, became to exhausted from landing and releasing my fish that he gave up. He is my father and he's actually a dedicated flyfishermen, maybe even border line obsessed and can catch fish. I'm positive that he didn't mean any harm when he "called B.S." and I'm also positive that he truely meant it when he said that he would "carry the net" because he truely wants to learn something.

If you aren't a liar or have something to hide then take the man (I'd say you would actually like the guy). Normally when he calls B.S. on me the first words out of my mouth are "get your old *ss up here and I'll show you".... Of course I don't wear my fly fishing feelings on my my shirt sleeve thou.
I chatted with him and we are going to try and fish in the next week or two...He does not sound like he needs any pointers from me. I think he can probably show me a few tips. Atleast it would be nice to make a new friend.