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Thread: Report from 2 weekends with bear

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    Default Report from 2 weekends with bear

    Sorry for the late report, but I got a little time fishing the weekend of the 27th. Since then we've gotten some of that rain from tropical storm Lee, so the water has to be better.

    I hit the TN side of 441 first thing in the morning. On my way in saw my first black bear of the season. It was along the road by Clingman where they are doing construction and it was gnawing on a bag of concrete mix. I heard the berries didn't come in well this year, so the bears are looking for more food. i don't think these crete would do him very good, but I was shocked to see one right on the road.

    I went up to a stream where I've been having some luck this year and the water was gone. It wasn't just low, it was down to a trickle. I turned and burned and headed back to the NC side and found a few fish but the water was making them really, really spooky. I did manage to finally get a strike on video with my GoPro which was exciting as I've been trying to learn to use it a little bit better.

    It's a small post with video, but hope you enjoy:

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