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    Hello to all,
    I'm new to the Fly fishing realm and am excited with my new found love. I've lived in Maryville for the last few years and am a Florida transplant. I started Whitewater Kayaking as soon as arrived here in East TN, and after a little prodding from my wife to find a safer alternative I sold my boats and gear and have selected Fly Fishing to keep me on the beautiful waters of East TN. I would like to thank LRO for all the help they have given me with tips, gear and the basic questions that I had. What a First class operation they run and I truly appriciate them. Last weekend I completed the Beginning Fly Fishing Class Day 1 & 2. Wow, Day 1, Walter did a great job in the classroom and in the back yard during the practical application of casting. Day 2, Was a beautiful day on the river and I want to thank Josh Pfeiffer for his enthusiasm and patience with our group, he did an outstanding Job. Now that I'm fully geared up, I'm ready to learn as much as I can about this great sport, and look forward to meeting you all on the river at some point in time.

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    Gator Fan....Welcome aboard and don't feel lonely....I am a second generation Gator with two degrees from UF...while I still live in Florida I manage to fish in the Park a couple of times a year....been doing this for about 50 years now and still love it...I was up there last week with a fraternity brother of mine from UF and 3 of the 4 waitresses who served us that week were Florida transplants....we're every where...Go Gators.

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    Welcome aboard! If you have any questions give a yell. We've all been there. I learn something new about flyfishing almost everytime I go out. Once you learn to catch trout here you will be ready for any where. Trust me I am a transplant too!

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