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    Those brookies were beautifully colored up as was the brown. Nice sizes too! I felt like I was along the trip with you. Great write-up and trip!

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    I have seen that jewelweed before and have wondered about it, so I looked us some info on wikipedia...

    Interesting things about the North American varieties of yellow and orange jewelweed:

    It has often been used in folk medicine as a treatment for poison ivy and insect stings, although scientific studies have failed to find a conclusive significant or lasting effect compared to other treatment options.

    On the other hand, the plants are a natural source of 2-methoxy-1-(4-naphtho)quinine, which is the active ingredient in Preparation H (back country hemorrhoid treatment option?)

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    Beautiful brookies! And that brown....I fished Little River 2 days and got one brown, significantly smaller than yours! U done good!

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