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Thread: Beaver dam creek

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Hackle View Post
    Granny I didn't get to make it because my old dog got really bad and I had to stay with him. I ended up having to put him down the monday after. I will be going soon though. I have a vacation @ the end of Oct. so maybe then. I will be staying for sure @ Jacobs Creek. I called and understand that it's pretty nice and in a good location. Sorry I didn't have a better report, but Like I said I was just going to pick up dead fish anyway.

    Note on Jacobs Creek, I stayed there Friday and Saturday nights. They will be shutting off the water, etc. on October 11th. You can still camp there for $6 bucks a night till the first week of December, but the only facilities will be a vault toilet.


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    Granny ole' Jake was in alot of pain. thanks though. Besides being 16 Jake only had three legs, he was missing one in the back. The vet told me I didn't realize how much pain the ole boy was in. I hope you don't have to go through that, but if you do just realize its probaly for the best. We go to village vet they were awesome, very compationate. Jake went really well and peaceful. He was actually snoring when he went. Probaly the best rest he's had in years. No regrets here, He deserved a good rest. He would'nt went on his own just out loyalty to his family.

    Thanks pineman for the info will be heading up soon.
    Thanks guys, Lynn

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