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    Hit a couple of streams yesterday and it got cold overnight! The water temp never broke 60 degrees and the wind was blowing hard. I fished all day and ended up with probably 15 fish and caught most on some adams patterns on 6X tippet. It was a great day and at the end I went looking for some new spots. Found fish rising and there was a hatch of little #20 duns on the water with some small trout rising and picking them off. Tied on a BWO pattern and got some hits, but couldn't connect. Spent the last 2 hours of the day trying to catch these rising fish but I kept lining them and spooking them.

    I seem to have this problem with rising fish where I can't decide if I should cast directly from behind them or cast from behind, but at an angle and a reach cast so only the leader gets in the window. Any thoughts or your techniques that work the best to rising fish?

    Here are a few pics (now that i figured it out) and a full write up and more pics here

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    Great pictures and you had a nice day. I got big 0.

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