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    Got out mid day Sunday on the middle prong. Weather was great fishing was not great. Did see some very nice fish so I started stalking some of the nicer size fish in open pools, very difficult. spotted 2 nice fish hanging out in a deep pool after looking over the objective carefully I planned my attack working my way around and stealthily climbing a large rock. I was positioned perfectly my intended targets waiting for a snack to drift by. My best nyph tied on. As a set up to make the perfect cast my wait shifted from the toes of my felt boots to my knees. Well I as discovered promptly my waders have no traction at all on the large bolder that I was perched on. I do not believe I could have rocked any faster down the rock at the terrified trout, rod and real clattering away I managed a turn that would have made an acrobat proud. Well nothing was broke (rod or real) back and ankle a little soar. But no one to my knowlege saw my close call. Leasons is fine goretex waders are slicker than you know what. Be careful I got lucky this afternoon.

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    I hear you. Every rock, every step is a potential hazard when you're out on a stream. Rocks that look dry can be slick as glass; some very large, solid looking rocks can tip when you step on them; and throw in a few wet leaves in the equation as we'll be seeing from this point on and it's an environment full of potential hazards.

    For those who fish off the beaten path (and are enjoying the solitude of a day fishing alone), extra care is definitely the watchword. A great day of fishing can turn rough in a hurry with one un-measured step. So far I've broken rods, lost water bottles, gotten some tattoos on my shins and taken some un-expected plunges in cold pools, but the bones are still intact. But each mis-step is a lesson learned to never take the stream or our safety and well being for granted.

    All that said, I'll face the hazards and love the experience every time I'm out.
    Charlie B

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    Don't forget the algea that grew in the warmer water of summer are starting to die with the cooler water also. Please be careful in the coming weeks. I seem to forget this every year and end up busting my butt. Glad your OK. Rocks can be a hazard whether in the water or out.

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    Also, remember if you are using a culvert to get down a steep bank....culverts are VERY slick, very slick. I will say I got down the bank in record time.

    Glad you were not seriously injured, Redfish.

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