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Thread: Raven Fork 9/29-9/30

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    Default Raven Fork 9/29-9/30

    Went to fish Raven Fork last weekend with my brother and NDuncan. I fished below 47 Thursday, while Nathan fished Enloe creek. I had nice 10inch rainbow, and a couple of 8 inch brookies, none of which I got pictures of. Spent more time exploring than fishing. Nathan had a ton of 6" brookies in Enloe. Friday we went above the campsite. Beautiful country. Caught a couple of nice brookies. The one with the kyped jaw is probably the most beautiful brookie I've ever caught. Would have fished more Saturday, but it became just outright miserably cold, and the fish were not interested in playing.

    Bro and Nathan taking a break on Raven.

    8.5" Brookie caught on the shallow side of a deep pool.

    The nicest looking brookie I've ever caught. 8.25"

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    I'm happy with my decision to bail on fishing Sat, and not staying another night but instead going on a great hike instead The two that stayed in my group caught no fish, and it was cold enough the first night.

    Nathan it was nice to finally meet you - and I can't think of a better location to meet someone for the first time. Jay B it was nice to meet you again, and your brother. Your group seemed to be having a good time even if the fishing wasn't "Speck-tacular". Glad you accopmplished your hike as planned, even if you are a few hiking poles lighter

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    Very nice brookie. Congrats.

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    Ducky - it was great meeting you too. We'll have to do it again some time when the weather is better. Our fishing on Sat wasn't much better, but I caught an 8" brookie and another that was close to 7" in the short time the fishing was somewhat on.

    The fishing on Enloe on Thursday was great. In the two hours that I fished I caught close to 24, mostly around the 6" mark with one that was 8.5" on the larger end (lost another that was close to this size too) and one that was about 2" on the small end.

    I've got a couple of pictures that I'll post tonight or tomorrow... I left the cable for my camera at home today...

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    I didn't take too many pictures this trip, but here a few:

    View looking upstream from the bridge at CS 47

    And Downstream

    One of the Enloe Creek residents...

    Jason fishing on Raven Fork

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