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Thread: Medicine Branch Bluff Campground

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    Default Medicine Branch Bluff Campground

    I have heard mention of a unique campground on top of a ridge in the middle of a boulder field. It was referred to as Medicine Branch Bluff Campground, but I cannot locate it on my latest version of GSMNP trail/campground map.

    Anybody familiar with this site?

    Is it an old one that has since been closed down? Or are my sources just confusing it with another park?

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    Take a look at this link. There are several more if you Google it up. I had never heard of it.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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    My best guess is the old campsite #21 that was called Medicine Branch. The new #21 is called something else. Sorry I don't have more info but my guide is not available right now. And then again, I could be mistaken?

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    Yeah thats the old cs 21 on the Sugarland Mountain trail that is now moved to the Huskey Gap trail about .3 of a mile from the little river trail. Part of the reason they closed the old one was the spring up there is unreliable so water was usually a problem if it was dry like it is right now.

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