I am planning to make my first rod this winter, a bamboo rod. I intend to start from a blank and finish it myself. I have done some research and found a few sources of both materials and instruction, but I have a couple of questions that those of you with actual experience may be able to help with.

I can find quite a few places to purchase blanks, but where do you all purchase blanks? Are there any local makers/suppliers? What things should I watch out for when purchasing a blank? Being my first rod I am not looking for top end necessarily, but what would be the right price range for a decent quality blank? And if I have a choice between ferrules installed, or not, I would assume I would want them pre-installed.

Lastly, I have this crazy bamboo rod that my father bought in Korea in the 50s. Looks like it came from a Korean walmart or something, and it came in a square wooden bamboo box. Probably not worth anything to anyone but me and I want to refinish it. Anyone ever seen these Korean made rods? I think a lot of them made their way back after the war.

Thanks for the info.