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Thread: 6 days in the backcountry

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    Default 6 days in the backcountry

    My brother Colby and I have returned from our annual 6 day fall fly fishing trip in the backcountry. I wanted to share a few stories, insights and pictures from our trip I hope you enjoy.

    After stopping for a big breakfast to bulk up and getting to the trailhead by early morning we were able to make it to our backcountry campsite in record time. Since we had most of the day available after setting up our base camp for our first night we decided to fly fish one of the tributaries that we have read about but never fished.

    After reviewing the Topo maps of the local area we decided to fish the tributary starting at where the trail crosses the creek all the way to the main stream and following it back to base camp. The fishing was absolutely excellent in the upper areas where we started. Since the upper part of the creek was somewhat small we would take turns leading as the other person followed and provided remarks and comments on how they were doing. Once the front person caught a fish we would change places. The fishing was so good that you would hardly have time to re-dress your dry fly with floatant before it was your turn again. What an excellent first day fly fishing in an absolute beautiful place.

    Our second day we started our trip upstream the main creek and switched to using a larger dry fly with a dropper. We were catching most of our trout from the dropper and only a couple was caught on the dry fly during the first part of the day. Again the fishing was excellent and the size of the Brookies was a lot bigger on average than the day before.

    As you can see the Locals were in full fall colors. On this picture you can see that he was caught on a bead head dropper and was a good example of what we caught on the main stream. The entire six days neither my brother nor myselft caught anything but Brookies, can't beat that.

    The water in the stream was really low and extremely clear so you had to stay low and out of site to keep the trout from spotting you. We moved to a smaller leader and tried making longer casts and that is all it took to consistently catch the Brookies.

    You can also start to see how all the trees were starting to change colors. The whole area seemed like it was on fire with all the colors. This year more than the last two years during the same time leaves were falling on the rocks and into the stream making rock hoping more difficult.

    Here is another excellent picture of one of the locals from the area. Have you ever caught so many Brookies in one day that your Never Sink Cadis will not float anymore? We completely destroyed the only 5 Never Sink Cadis we had. I sure would have paid some good money to have another half dozen Never Sinks that day. The only problem with this picture is that is my brother's fly rod in this picture and not mine.

    Here is a good picture of my brothers and my hammock setup one night. The first couple nights in the cross country were really cold because of the clear skies but by the end of the week the clouds moved in a little and made the nights much more tolerable.

    This is a fairly good sized tributary way upstream from the backcountry campsite. In this picture you can really start seeing all the colors starting to change. You can also notice all the leaves starting to accumulate in the stream. Some of the best fly fishing my brother and i have ever experienced was in the "flats" way above the cascading pools. We have all fished the last hour of the day when the fishing just really turns on, what i have call the "magical" time. The flat's in this area was magical not just for an hour or two but all day long.

    This is as far upstream as we made it this trip. You can see that a beaver had started working on creating a dam area for the winter. You can see where i was placing a waypoint on the GPS for reference on how far upstream we have made it and how far it was to camp.

    It was finally time to start working our way back to the backcountry campsite. You can see where my brother Colby's "Kung Fu" was looking weak as he was checking his GPS trying to decide how much farther it was to base camp.

    We started early in the morning we were heading to our base camp and made great time getting out. After setting up camp for our last night stay we had most of the day still left. Since we did so well the first day on the small local tributary we decided to give it a try one last time. We really loved this little creek.

    I hope you enjoyed the report and thanks for allowing us to share a small part of a wonderful fly fishing adventure in the GSMNP.
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    Default Thanks!

    Enjoyed your report and pics, mind if I ask the general area? I and my son inlaw are planning on a trip to the NC side a week from this Saturday. We plan to come up on Sat and then leave on Wed, and are hoping to be able to toss a few lfies at'em.

    Thanks n God Bless,
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    Mind sharing where you fished?

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    Sweet LNT camp setup! Beautiful area too.

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    I'm guessing upper Raven Fork. Up past 47.I think someone mentioned Bulldie and left fork in another thread on the forum.

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    Fly fishing and hammock camping at the same time...topped off with natives. One would be hard pressed to top that around here.

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    Default Sharing a Campsite

    William it was nice to share the campsite with you and Colby. You can PM me at jjwatlanta at yahoo . com if you would like see some of the pics.

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    Awesome pictures and report! Felt like I was there with you guys... Thanks for sharing it and I am glad you made the effort to continue this experience with your brother...

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    I meant to respond to this, and never did. Great looking pics guys, especially the last one, wow the colors really pop on that one. You guys did it right, spending so much time to really fish it well. Now that we've "scouted" the area I'll head back with a slower schedule. I always enjoy your reports of epic trips, keep 'em coming!

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