A couple of us spent last week on the White and the Norfolk rivers in northern Arkansas. We pulled a drift boat over as the flows on the White were still fairly high to do a lot of wading. The weather was a challenge for a few days , but we had a pretty good trip despite that. The bigger fish were tough to come by. The numbers, not so much of a problem, especially on the Norfolk. Sunny days on the White and the hoppers worked pretty good. If it was raining, windy, and just plain bad, the zebra midge dropper worked very well. We floated a section of the White this trip that I had never seen, taking out at Buffalo Shoals. Four to five hundred foot bluffs overlooking this stretch where the Buffalo meets the White. Saw some neat things from the house we stayed in above White Hole. Saw a lot of ducks and geese on their way south in advance of the cold front last week. Also, for a few days, four mature bald eagles flew the river behind the house along with a couple of ospreys. I watched an eagle intimidate an osprey into giving up his fish dinner. The eagles would chase each other at high speeds through the trees. On two different occasions, two of the eagles would lock talons and barrel roll four to five revolutions down to just above the water or land before releasing each other. An amazing sight. Never have heard eagles call to each other like they did either. Weather did not permit the Nikon to make it out that day. The colors on the browns we caught the last day were amazing as well. I have caught nice brown's in a number of places, but I feel the browns over there are as beautiful as anywhere they swim. One of the nasty weather days,I watched a good size pod of brown's that were in the two foot range make their way into a pool and make some strange sideways motions. They were not interested in eating anything. It was another good trip into Ozark country. The flows should settle down even more over the next few weeks giving even better wading opportunity