I think I remembered his username correctly; DPS260. Well, he and a friend were launching at Peach Orchard Saturday Morning and I was launching my boat as well.

We started chatting before I parked my trailer and secured my boat. DPS260 says; "hey is your boat secured?" Lo and behold; that old blue boat decided to go fishing without me. It had started drifting away from the bank and was on its way.

DPS260 and his friend used their canoe to rescue my boat and to bring it back to me. I appreciate their efforts and kindness as I was ready to swim and get it. I hope I got his username correct and I would have mentioned his name; but, I will let him post it if he feels comfortable noting it.

I think kindness pays you back immensely. I like to think this example helps to illustrate it full-circle for me...

Blessings and Thanks DPS260!