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Troutman, did they by chance have the special edition camouflage 119?
Its pretty cool.
I think they may have had the camo version in the stockroom. I had looked at it before. A few of my friends have them and the dark green version. I do like the camo canoe but having almost been runover by bass boats and jet skies on the lakes and a couple of close calls by jet jons on the french broad river, I decided to get something bright colored. You sit low to the water and a bright colored boat is so much easier to be seen by other boats. I've never had a problem with fish spooking from boats unless your make a lot of noise or drop something on the hull. the color doesn't seem to spook them otherwise all those white drift boats would be spooking fish also. I like the red. its different!
The Dick's SG in west Knoxville does not carry boating, fishing or hunting gear anymore. You have to go to the Alcoa store.
I can't wait to do some mods to make it more fly fishing friendly.