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    Default Smart Phone Help?

    Hey Folks,

    I need help. First, I don't use a cell phone. I have one for emergencies. Probably use 10 minutes per year. It is just a pre-paid phone.

    I need a smart phone, probably an I-Phone to test QR codes in the shop. Maybe an I-Pad would do it. That would be preferred because I could use it at home where we do have a wireless router. I will need to scan a QR Code next to a item, then make sure it takes me to our website and to a specific page. I don't want to pay for service from Verizon, AT & T or Sprint unless I have to. The phone would only be used in our building for testing. We do not have a wireless router in the building. I ran thousands of feet of cat 5 wire myself when the building was built.

    So, can I use an I-phone or I-pad without using a service by simply installing a wireless router? I guess I could turn the router on when I needed to do some testing, then shut it down.

    I would really appreciate your help. I know absolutely nothing about smart phones. And, I don't want to use one for anything other than testing. If an I-Pad would do the job it would be multi use.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    You will need a local-wireless network to access the internet or to access your store's PC/server. You can utilize bluetooth; but, I find it very unreliable more than 40 feet away. You can buy an unlocked cellphone on Ebay that has the barcode scanning capabilities and that you will not have to use a service to utilize.

    Just borrow a wireless router and set up a home/business network. Once you have it established; set up your remote device to connect to this network via the network's settings(name, SID, etc.).

    Check out this website for some great products. I used to utilize many of their RFID products back in the day.

    To me; it sounds like you need a mobile inventory device/system that incorporates your current system.

    I hope this helps...
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    Hi Shawn,

    You are very helpful to me and all of us. Thank you for your comments. I think we are going to use an I-Pad as the testing device. Our IT guys in Alcoa can plug in the wireless router in the right spot. We have a full T1 and the modem is like none I have ever seen. Maybe the router can be plugged into one of the network jacks or in the patch board at our server.

    You are right, we need a mobile inventory device to access our POS system. I know that can be done but I don't know at what cost. Our POS software only allows 5 users at once in the configuration we have now. Two cash registers leave us only 3 for everyone else who is not ringing up an order.

    We need to talk sometime. I will meet you wherever you say. I want to hear about this boat business. I've done startups and acquisitions. I love to discuss business plans and models.

    Thank you for all of your help for me and the members here.


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