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LA Mantaray 12,

We plan to be staying in Gatlinburg at the Summit from November 20th thru 26th for Thanksgiving family visiting time. Both my brother and myself plan to do plenty of hiking around the creeks doing research and some fishing if weather permits. We will be exploring fly fishing locations we have never visited in anticipation of returning when the weather is better.

We will be down with the family so i am sure that we will have a lot of Pigeon Forge tourist family time but there should be plenty of park time as well.

If you are in the area and interested send a email

william dot mclemore at ngc dot com

You might be able to outrun my brother to.
Let me know when you and Colby are free. I'm now staying in town for Thanksgiving. Especially the Wed before, I know I'm free that day. We can work on strengthening your Kung-Fu