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    I fished a few holes in Bradley Fork yesterday and spooked a couple nice browns. In the hole right at the Bradley Fork trail head my cousin found what looked like a section of a dead snake in the water. I picked up the object and after looking at it a couple seconds, noticing it had teeth, and folding it in half I figured out it was the lower jaw of a big male brown who must have spent a little too much energy spawning. The jaw was bigger around than my thumb and between 4 and 5 inches long. I looked for a minute but could not find the rest of the fish, but from the size of the hooked jaw and teeth I would not doubt the fish had been over 20 inches. Sorry, I forgot the camera and got no pictures of the jaw.

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    I hooked into my first 20+ inch fish in the park earlier this year. Before that I would have suspected anyone making the claim to have seen or hooked one without pics. I completely believe what you say and suspect there are more fish of that size in the park than people realize.

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    Many years ago a friend and I were fishing the Bradley Fork right at the campground when we spotted two big browns that were clearly looking to spawn. We just watched. They were both about 18 inches. My friend sat down on a rock in the stream. They started moving downstream right by him. One of the big browns was so large it could not find water deep enough to go further downstream and literally washed sideways over a rock right by my friend to continue downstream. Never forget that sight.
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    They are there....and not always in the big water...the largest brown I have seen in years was in the LR above was in a narrow run up against the bank just above the large pool where Huskey Creek runs under the trail....have also heard tales of some of the trophy trout from the reservation making a break and heading upstream into the park....

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    Rog 1--Your mention of trout "leaving the Reservation" may well be the explanation for the dead brown in Bradley Fork. I've caught what were obviously stocked fish (browns, 'bows, and brookies) in Luftee above its confluence with Bradley Fork, so obviously they move that far upstream. Incidentally, the previous sentence is one of the rare occasions when you will see me use the word brookies or brook trout. To me, and most folks who grew up in the Smokies, the fish are specks, natives, speckled trout, or my favorite, mountain trout. But the fish I mentioned from the Reservation waters are brook trout (not long removed from the hatchery on lower Straight Fork).
    Jim Casada

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