I was just curious on what the opinions of LRO Members would be in regards to harvesting brown trout.

It is well known that the South Holston is the only tail-water that brown trout can adequately reproduce without extending stocking of fingerlings.

However; all of the other TVA tail-waters need significant stocking of brown trout to retain their catch-ability in tail-waters. From my 200-350 fishing trips in the last five years on the Clinch; I have noted that brown trout consist of 5-10% of my catches on a fly reel.

In contrast; I have observed numerous catches of brown trout on live bait and bait imitations. Many of these catches consist of significant sized brown trout.

From my observations and experience; I think brown trout should be limited at one-fish per day regardless of size and non-take rule established from October-January 1.

I welcome others opinions and I would like to read the pros and cons from anyone that wants to reply. I am not trying to inspire a debate. I just want to elicit opinions on how we can make our trout fisheries more sustainable and beneficial to all that participate.