Hey all,

Just thought I would share a little news with you. My younger brother has been working the Clinch pretty heavily lately. He and a friend have caught a decent number from around Peach Orchard, with one pushing 25 lbs. Imagine how much trout a 25 lb otter could consume. Even if the otter's diet isn't 100% trout, he surely is consuming some fraction of trout. Now, imagine that there are six or eight 25 lb otters working the peach orchard area alone. That is a lot of trout consumed.

I recently pointed him in the direction of a sizeable family I saw a couple months back further downstream in hopes that maybe he can thin them out a little as well. If any Clinch fisherman would like to share the location(s) of some recent encounters I can pass it along to him and maybe help the fishery out some in the process.