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Thread: Where Should I Fish?

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    Default Where Should I Fish?

    if you could fish tomorrow where would it be? i got the day off and am a bit indecisive....they are generating like crazy on the Clinch. I know it will be crowded and the past few trips have been to Greenbriar and Treemont....Elkmont will be over-crowded im sure......any ideas in or out of the park? im in knoxville so im really only interested in the west side of the park.

    on a separate note i was considering making my way to the Telico but in a previous thread some one insinuated that the water might be real high? I have never been there and would not know what the gauge meant nor where i might start fishing? i have heard turkey creek?

    here are some older pics from mid September in Greenbriar for your viewing pleasure while your digesting turkey or planning your shopping excursion!

    there is a reason they dont call it "catching"

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    Default Tellico

    I fished the Tellico yesterday and as Duckypaddler had pointed out the flow wad a little more than I liked. Not bad just a little more (probably around 400cfs). Today would have been a better day - tomorrow, if no rain, could be good. The North river is a good option. Hope this reply isn't too late. If you go be careful. Hope this helps. Mark

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    Wish I had some good advice on where to go. I went hiking to Tsali Rock. I plan on boating on Monday. I'll save the fishing for better conditions. As much as I love to fish, It gets pretty slow this time of year, and with all the water lately, I think I may just have to wait for warmer weather

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