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Thread: Fishing at Christmas?

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    Cool Week Before Christmas

    I normally have some action up on Greenbriar towards years end if I am in the area. Also you sometimes can raise a trout up around the Chimneys picnic area. Both are close to town.

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    Just wanted to say thanks to all who offered suggestions. Due to having my daughter with me who is still in the "I need to catch some fish for this to be alot of fun" phase and having a good friend offer to drive up from Georgia to meet me, I decided to drive over and fish the Nantahala DH instead. We all had a great time fishing even though it rained. That is one of my favorite DH streams and a good one to let someone still learning the sport have a chance at catching decent numbers of fish. Looking forward to fishing Park waters soon. Our condo was overlooking Roaring Fork though the rains had it living up to its name!
    Thanks Again,

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