The Southeasts Best FlyFishing is the name of the book. This book has been a good read so far after I got past the picture of waterwolf and Mike on the front cover. it covers water in TN, NC, GA, and Ky. Gives hatch charts, put in and take outs etc. Ya'll should check it out.

It has got me wanting to fish some new water, and I'm really thinking I'm going to try and fish each river in the book by the end of next year. Now I have already fished a hand full of them. But I'm kind of thinking start over, start in Ga and work my way North to the Cumberland.

With haveing said all that, I can hear the Toccoa calling my name already, so please feel free to share some info. I want to pull the boat down there and float. Is the dam doing a winter draw down like all of our East Tennessee lakes? When's the best time to go? And where is a good place to stay, eat, drink etc? So let's hear it guys.