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That's not saying you can't fish with it, I think that going Tenkara means embracing some limitations that you don't have with a traditional western rod, and for me those limitations make it harder to fish small streams.

I think that's certainly true; though the flip-side is that while there might be fish I might not be able to reach with a Tenkara rod on any given outing, there will also be trout I wouldn't be able to catch any other way, since a Tenkara rod provides such an advantage with drag-free presentation. That said, a 13-foot rod does make you plan ahead a bit--both in terms of what "slot" you need for the initial cast and, hopefully, where you'll put the rod once you do hook-up. Fortunately, there are usually more "slots" available than it looks like at first--most of the streams I've fished in the GSMNP have enough flash-floods that they're only intermittently "tight."