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Thread: I need a new reel

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    Default I need a new reel

    Last summer I bought a new 7.5 ft. 4 wt. and am looking to put a new reel on it. Most times it will be used for small stream,smokies type water so industrial strength drag is not important.
    I figure I should be able to get a good reel that meets my needs for under $100.
    Does anyone have recomendations ?

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    Muskrat --- check out the LRO online catalog. Several reels for 4-wt lines for less than $100 that would easily serve you well on freestone streams. I have used a Battenkill for years in the mountains and have 0 complaints.


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    My main input would be to look for one that is has a durable bottom to not deform or mar the reel when you sit in on rocks or when you are climbing over things. Also; maybe look at a light-reel that does not have the large diameter of the average fly reel as you usually do not need as much line.

    Another big issue is will it balance the rod you plan to use it on? You should select a reel with a weight that you can easily manipulate the handle with easy and balance.

    That being said; I rarely fish the mountains and know very little about what reel is the best or not. The things I mentioned are the points I would consider.
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    Whatever brand you choose, a machined reel will outlast a cast reel many times over (usually) when climbing boulders, etc, etc associated with small-stream mountain fishing. I've busted several cast reels in the past by an accidental drop while climbing rock faces, etc. Not to say a machined reel wont have problems, but overall, they are tougher.
    I'd definitely look for a machined reel.

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    Thanks everybody for your advice.
    I am leaning towards the Ross Flystart , since that's where I consider myself in the art of flyfishing .
    I am thinking of calling LRO and asking their advice.

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    For what you describe, I have my recommendation. I have a Pflueger Medalist reel that is about 49 years old, no drag except for my fingers on the line and grip. Costs about $30 now; paid about $8 for mine. Use the other $70 to put gas in the car for more fishing.

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